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Let´s see a couple of FAQ´S that hopefully will be helpful for you:

What´s the maximum and the minimum number of people per event?

Our bike has a capacity for up to 16 people, and the minimum participants per tour are 6 people, If you have a different number, please contact us. We can help you.  

How much time do we will be on the bike?

It will be 50 - 60 minutes of great fun, good views and, of course, excellent craft beer or sangria. Certainly great moments to remember forever!

The key question: How to book?

You can book a tour in several ways: directly through our website, google, by sending us an email to, etc.


Where is the starting point?

The starting point is the same as the end point of the tour.

We're in the cycle range of the Tagus River about 150 meters from the bridge, near the paddle club and Docas Bridge Parking.

Where are we going to ride?

The route of Beer Bike Lisbon is along the Tagus River, during the tour you can see the most beautiful postcards of Lisbon as the 25th April Bridge and Monument of the Discoveries.

A couple of safety rules before enjoying the ride  

The driver and the bartender will be your best friends during the event, they are there to serve you and make this moment unforgettable, nevertheless, they are responsible for the safety of the group so they are the ultimate authority on the bike and will stop the event in case of serious dangers.

It will be a pleasure to welcome people under the age of 18 on the bike, but remember that alcoholic beverages are only allowed for adults.

Celebrate unique and special moments, enjoy your friend´s company and make new friends, always with respect and a lot of fun.

For a safe and smooth tour do not jump off the bike while it is in motion.

Happily, drinks are unlimited during the tour, (as we all like ;) but remember to do not leave the bike with drinks at the end of the tour.

We reserve the right of non- admission to any person who shows obvious signs of disturbance or alcoholization

Repetitive non-compliance with our professional instructions will become in the stop the ride immediately.

How much drink is served on the tour?   

As we always wanted during our numerous visit to bars,, will be unlimited!  :) We are ready to serve you the drink as you want. Just enjoy in moderation.

During the tour you can order beer, wine, sangria, soft drinks, freshwater and some other portuguese drinks.

Can I buy or order when the tours ends?

We don't serve drinks after the tour ends. It´s not allowed to us.

Can I bring my drink?

We believe it will not be necessary, we have several drinks in our bar, we offer beers, wine, sangria,soft drinks and water.

May I smoke?

Yes, you can smoke on the bike but do not throw the cigarette butt off the bike, it´s punished by law.

Who drive?

We have a professional driver who will drive the bike safely. 



We will be there waiting for you rain or shine, besides our bike has cover that protects us in the rain,in case of heavy rain, the ride could be interrupted basead on mutual agreement.



Preserve the environment and your personal image; please never pee on the trees!. We will stop next to bars and restaurants where you can pee happy as a little child.

Tolerance to delay or Late arrival

We know that unforeseen events happen so delays up to 25 minutes are considered and even shorter tour becomes viable, above this delay we will not be able to assist you,will be considered non- show, and there will be no refund. 

Will be the bike exclusive for us?

Our tous are not private, we can attend more than one group per tour. If you want exclusivity on the bike it is necessary to reserve it completely (16 participants)

Why we need to do a deposit?

Only the deposite guarantees the block of the date and time of your reservation.


Which drinks can we take?

During the tour we"ll serve craft beer, sangria, wine, soft drinks and water. The real open bar on wheels


Which beer are we going to drink?

We serve delicious craftl beer, produced on the Caparica Coast, south bank of the River Tagus


Are we insurance during the ride?

Be carefree your security is assured by us.Throughout the tour the participants have insurance for any situation.


What music we will find during the round?

Bring your playlist and listen to the music that is part of your story. We've a bluetooth sound box.

If you haven't a personalized playlist, don't worry, We've numerous music option for you.     

Cancellation Policy    

We would like to hear from you, if you have any changes to your plans and need to cancel your tour please email us: Usually cancellation up to 72 hours before the start of the tour, the refund is complete, after this period there will be no refunds.

No- shows, later arrival, wrong starting point or any other reason we don't offer a refund.

How can we cancel our service?

If you need to cancel our service send us an email. 

Cancellations are accepted up to 72 hours before the tours stars.

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